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Lynxes CC 70th Year - A message from Gary Marshall (President)

Dear Lynxes and Old Cranbrookians,

Cranbrook Lynxes is the club for Old Cranbrookian cricketers, existing students, staff and parents. For other O.C.s the week provides a great opportunity to re-unite with friends from school in a relaxed atmosphere with a good stock of drinks in the pavilion. We look forward to seeing you back in Cranbrook.

In July this year we will be playing Lynxes Cricket on Big Side for the 70th time and we need your support to make this a fabulous cricket week.

We need as many players as possible to sign up for a match, either an all day match or a T20 match. If you can’t play please try and come to watch some of the games and arrange to meet some of your contemporaries.

On the evening of July 15th we have arranged a 70th Anniversary Dinner in the School dining room, please make a special effort to attend as this is a very special occasion – not many old boys cricket teams make it this far!  To book places for the evening please email me at  significant others are very, very welcome.

We would like to run a raffle at the celebration dinner so if you are able to provide a prize please let me know.

This 70th Year the Cricket week will start with a match against our original rivals, Old Suttonians, on Sunday 9th July.  We hope to see many Old Cranbrookians and Old Suttonians supporting the same contest that started the Lynxes week 70 years ago.

This year’s schedule:

  •  Sunday 9th July Lynxes v Old Suttonians - Match manager Sam Stibbs 07531 926470
  • Tuesday 11th July Lynxes v Bully Boys - Match manager Gary Marshall 07866 430289
  • Thursday 13th July Lynxes v N Manser’s XI - Match manager Sam Stibbs 07531 926470 
  • Saturday 15th July Two T20 matches - Contact Gary Marshall and Jeremy Lawson 07990 568169

Do make yourselves available by contacting the match managers and let me know if you would like to book for the anniversary dinner.

We look forward to seeing you for the 70th Cricket week.

Gary Marshall, President