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10th Anniversary Reunion of OC's from the late 1940s

For the past 10 years a small group of OCs from the late 1940’s have met for lunch in London – usually at the RAC Pall Mall.

Shown in the photograph of a reunion in October 2015 (from right to left) are:

Bryan Williams (Rammell 1948)

Dick Nye (Horsley 1949)

Oliver Pemberton (Crowden 1949)

Michael Cochrane (Cornwallis 1948)

Ken Robertson (Rammell 1950)

and an infiltrator, Jeremy Barham (Crowden 1960).

John Bluett (Rammell 1948) was not present this year.

Each of  the 1940’s group has strong sporting interests which began at Cranbrook (they are all in the photograph of the School XV of 1948).


The following OCs attended the reunion in the past, but have sadly died in recent years:

Nigel Clarke (Cornwallis 1948)

Michael Foreman (Cornwallis 1949)

John Jackson (Rammell 1948)

Tony Moss (Rammell 1950)

Bill Yeoman (Cornwallis 1945)