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Scott 50th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday 10th November, over 80 former Scott boarders, from 1962 to 2011 (yes, there was a strong contingent of former Scott boys too!) came together for Scott’s Golden Anniversary reunion Dinner. Some former pupils began the day with a tour of Scott, followed by tea and cake, which culminated in a splendid celebration dinner crafted by School Chef, Graeme Edmonds and held in the School Dining Hall.


Pre-Dinner drinks with an archive slide show were held in the Queen’s Hall Theatre where guests were greeted by Headmaster, John Weeds, Chairman of the OCA, Philip Thompson and Yvette Young. The current Scott girls provided entertainment, with a moving rendition of ‘Valerie’ and worked extremely hard throughout the day and evening to ensure all guests were superbly looked after.

David Firminger (House master 1965 – 1983) opened the dinner with an entertaining speech about the transition of Scott from a junior boys boarding House to a girls House, with the arrival of girls in 1973. “Boys shout…girls scream!” He also spoke about the military precision of getting boys ready for Sunday Church service, with the polishing of shoes, ironing of uniform and straightening of caps. We also welcomed back Mrs Webb (25 years of service) who as Matron  “always gave a kind word when things didn’t go right, a hanky to mop away a tear and sat through endless hours of all our music practice, as sewing room doubled up as practice room”.  Also, Mrs Morris  (30 years of  service) who “polished the cork floor of long corridor to such a high sheen that with the right speed and trajectory could go one end to the other - sliding on your socks”.

After a superb golden themed dinner of scallops, breast of chicken and assiette of mini desserts, Hilary Whitehall (Nee Isbister 1973 – 78) delivered a lively speech about life in Scott in the 1970s! She spoke about the life long bonds of friendship that are formed whilst boarding and the  common history shared. This was endorsed with 8 out of the 12 girls who were in her dorm in year 9 present that evening.

“Inevitably things move on, things change,  - no more red wool blankets, no more vast unpartitioned dorms, no more Saturday School, no more Dick’s tea with it’s tea urns of pre sugared tea,  – with Dick roaring from one end of the dining room, because someone had tried to take an extra dough nut”.“But one thing that doesn’t in my experience, is the dedication of the staff that work in boarding.

“Nothing was too much trouble for them. All amazing staff, all fulfilling their duties to ensure that we were looked after in the best possible way.  And I know that the same was true of their successors, Trevor and  Suzanne Allen, Ann and John Furminger and currently Kirstie Burnett. All inspired brand loyalty and  the caring ethos in the house continues”.
Thank you to everyone who made the day a great success.