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Old Cranbrookians' Association

The Old Cranbrookians' Association (OCA) is an association of the former students of Cranbrook School.

Its aims and objectives are:

  • To encourage current and former students to strengthen their sense of identity as members of the Old Cranbrookian community. 
  • To further promote a sense of heritage and history amongst members of the OCA. 
  • To enable former students to remain in contact with each other. 
  • To track achievements of Cranbrook alumni and to provide a mechanism to celebrate their success in the wider school community. 
  • To enable the school to keep in contact with its alumni. 
  • To enable the school to identify and utilise the skill and experience of former students to support the learning and enrichment opportunities of current students. 
  • To create a network which can be used to support the material improvement of the school  This last point is particularly important when it comes to the school’s Development projects and we would like to thank all Old Cranbrookians for the help and support they have given our fundraising efforts in recent years. 

We are always delighted to hear from alumni and if you have fond memories or ideas you would like to share (or perhaps you would like to arrange a visit) please get in contact.