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Old Cranbrookian Lodge

The Secretary

James Fry
1 Chapel farm Lane



Fourth Friday April (Ladies Dinner)
Second Friday June
Second Friday July (Installation)
Fourth Friday September

These meetings are followed by a Festive Board at one of the local hotels.


Membership requirements for Masonic lodges are detailed on the Grand Lodge of England website When it was established in 1949 The Old Cranbrookian Lodge was open to Old Cranbrookians, Members of the Board of Governors, Past and Present Masters and Others who are officially connected with the School; however since July 1991 this requirement has been extended to include the fathers of pupils both past and present.

As of April 2006 the requirement has been further extended to allow friends of members to join.

Officers 2014/15

W Bro Steve KilbeeWorshipful Master
W Bro Phil ButlerSenior Warden
W Bro Jim MasonJunior Warden
W Bro Mike McMinniesChaplain

W Bro Edward Stevenson-Rouse

W Bro James Fry



W Bro Alan Craze

Director of Ceremonies

W Bro Duncan RouseAlmoner
W Bro Michael McMinniesCharity Steward
W Bro Brian CochranGuest Organist
Bro Gary HillSenior Deacon
W Bro Peter Felton-GerberJunior Deacon
Bro Nigel RobertsInner Guard
W Bro Derek EastTyler


 The Lodge supports local charities as well as the Hospice of the Weald and the Provincial Festival s. Most recently a donation was made to the Grandson of an Old Cranbrookian who had had a motor accident and needed a specialist wheelchair. Any local organisation can make an application for charitable assistance.


The names recorded on the membership list over the last sixty years read like a who’s who of previous Head Masters and Masters of Cranbrook school  with a few famous pupils thrown in for good measure.  The Old Cranbrookian Lodge donated the prize for the Head Boy for many years. 

Many people wonder what the Old Cranbrookian Lodge does. We are part of the organisation which is second only to the national lottery in donating to charity. Perhaps we have been our own worst enemy by keeping our charitable work private and not responding to the myths regarding our ceremonies.

We are open to any man over 21 years of good character. We have men from all walks of life and from all religions. We are not sexist as the Ladies have their own Lodges throughout the country.

Any one wishing to know more should in the first instance approach the Secretary.