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Lynxes Cricket Club

For over 70 years Lynxes Cricket Club has been giving Old Cranbrookians an opportunity to catch up with school friends and relive those glory days and rivalries on Big Side.
Cranbrook Lynxes is the cricket club for Old Cranbrookians. Anyone with an affiliation to Cranbrook School can play for Lynxes - including OCs, spouses of OCs, staff, current students and parents. It has been going since 1947 and continues to be a great way to catch up with old mates and re-unite with friends from school. We play our matches on the school pitch, Big Side. The Club plays an annual fixture against the school, and a week of matches every July - offering competitive, friendly cricket played in a relaxed atmosphere. Match formats include a six-a-side tournament at the start of the week, 50-over and T20 games - all with a BBQ and refreshments available during the day.

"One of the best things about summer for me is a sweltering day on Big Side, playing cricket and reminiscing about school days. That probably makes me sound like a man on the brink of retirement with a huge mortgage, kids about to go off to uni and a love for early morning golf days. However, at the relatively tender age of 21, I’ve realized that this is the harsh reality of life after school. Friends I vowed to see every uni holidays have simply not always been about when I am. However, the constant of the Lynxes Cricket Week has proved to be a great way to see old mates and meet new people from different Cranbrook eras."

The who's who of Lynxes Cricket

We are always keen to hear from new recruits. If you are interested in playing, please look up Cranbrook Lynxes Cricket on Facebook, go to  or email (Gary Marshall) or (Jez Lawson).

Our next Lynxes Cricket week will take place during July 2016, date to be confirmed: see you in the summer!