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Lynxes cricket began on July 3 rd when Owen Dearn’s team of recent leavers played a strong School XI. In a 40 over match Dougie Gordon scored a splendid century for the school, who won by 38 runs. The following Sunday saw the launch of a new event, “The Lynxes Lash”, in which several teams played six–a-side games on two pitches. This was a great success and the concept will be further developed next year.  

The “week” was blessed with hot weather and cloudless skies. Steven Hooper prepared Bigside to perfection and the setting was enhanced by the newly acquired boundary rope, sightscreen and comfortable furniture. The catering was excellent, thanks to Graeme Edmonds and his staff and through the hard work of Gary Marshall, the Lynxes Chairman, all players were able to enjoy drinks from the pavilion during and after the games.

Three more matches were played (all with limited overs format) and all were won. In the game against the Bully Boys the Lynxes chased down a score of 275 for the victory. Against the Old Georgians Nick Manser scored a brilliant 107 (thereby winning the The Andrew Bond Cup for batting) while his opening partner Matt Simpson (School) had to be content with a mere 86 runs. In his three games Owen Dearn earned the David Winterbottom Bowling Cup.

Sadly the Fleet Street Exiles and The Pink Panthers could not raise sides this year.

Raising our own teams was not easy either, although nearly 30 Cranbrookians agreed to play during the week, including several very good School players. These were: 

Asraf Adil (School), Simon Anthonisx (R 1970), James Barron (CR 1991), Toto Berger (R 2011), Luca Bertoli-Mitchell (W 2012), Oli Clark (School), Max O’Collins (W 2009), Patrick Coyne (2007), Owen Dearn (W 2012), Will Goulstone (2005), Will Huish (W 2011), Finn Hulbert (School), Jeff Jowers (C 1987), Jeremy Lawson (A 1990), Nick Manser (R 2011), Gary Marshall (H 1977), Oliver Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Ned Powell (W 2012), Joe Schindler (A 2012), Guy Schindler (School), Matt Simpson (School), Will Tomalin (A 2011), Charlie Thompson (W 1994), Ben Tragett (CS 1993), Rob Wickham (A 2012) and many other OC’s of varying vintages came to play in the “Lynxes Lash”.

A Cranbrookian Family Scene at the Lynxes Lash 2013Keen spectators at the Lynxes Lash 2013

 Oli Blaydon's winning team at the Lynxes Lash

We hope all those who supported the Club this summer will return next year to enjoy friendly but competitive cricket in the second week of July. Any other cricketing OCs, parents and family friends are always very welcome and anybody wishing to play should contact Gary Marshall (E mail: Mobile: 07866 430289).


See the website the open facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week and the OCA website for further information.