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CCF Biennial Inspection Day

On Wednesday 7th May 2014, Cranbrook School Combined Cadet Force were very excited to welcome back Old Cranbrookians to spectate their inspection day.  Many had known all too well the nerves and minute details that all made a difference as they themselves took part in the parade years ago.

We were delighted to welcome back Mr Chris Chubb (Rammell, 1955), Mr Richard Kyle (Crowden, 1960), Roger Eltringham (Crowden, 1958), Mr David Rings (Horsley, 1959), Mr Philip Thompson (Horsley, 1963) and Mr Dudley Thomas (Horsley, 1960).  After a some refreshments and a quick look around the old photos and displays, the party headed down to the Astro-turf, where the weather, after some quick showers earlier that morning, showed signs of promise with some patchy sunshine.

The students put on a fantastic performance; the parade was an amazing spectacle, and the addition of the corps of drums made the event even more impressive.

The inspecting officer was none other than Lt. Col. Marcus Reedman, an Old Cranbrookian (Crowden, 1989).  The students' performance earned them an 'outstanding' review, and deservedly so.

We hope that our guests had a lovely day with us and enjoyed the memories of their CCF days.  We very much look forward to similar events in the future, and perhaps a CCF reunion event.  If this sounds like something that you would be interested in or would like to offer some suggestions, please get in touch.