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Careers network

There are many parents, Old Cranbrookians and friends of Cranbrook School who have expressed a desire to become involved in helping our students by giving careers advice, offering work experience and speaking at careers events. The Development Office and Careers Department at the School brings together these offers of knowledge, time and expertise.

Work Experience
Cranbrook provides a first rate all-round education, usually leading to a top university course, but increasingly prospective employers are looking for more. The CBI puts it like this:

‘Businesses want graduates who not only add value, but who have the skills to help transform their organisation in the face of continuous and rapid economic and technological change. All graduates – whatever their degree discipline – need to be equipped with employability skills. Employability covers a broad range of non-academic or softer skills and abilities which are of value in the workplace. It includes the ability to work in a team; a willingness to demonstrate initiative and original thought; self-discipline in starting and completing tasks to a deadline.’

The best way to gain employability is through work experience, which for Cranbrook students starts at the end of their third year (Year 11), when after their GCSEs, they undertake a compulsory week’s work placement with the school's involvement. Other placements are also arranged for the Sixth Formers in the holidays, and we strive to help them where we can after they have left Cranbrook.

We help students find the best placements suitable for them and often these are with Old Cranbrookians, parents and friends of the school. We are keen to build on our success in this area and would be delighted to have as many diverse and interesting opportunities to suggest to our students as possible. For some professions work experience is essential (architecture, law, medicine etc.) but it is beneficial to all. Successful placements have been in the financial sector, engineering, media, veterinary and many more. An added bonus is that students can write and talk about their work experience as part of their university application, and on into their career.

Careers Evenings and Careers Fair
The voices of people closely associated with Cranbrook School always have more resonance for the students, and consequently they have the greatest impact in terms of enlightenment and motivation. We run a series of careers events annually and we would be delighted to hear from those of you who would be interested in sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for your area of work by giving a presentation. Our Careers Fair involves manning a 'stand' representing various areas of work and chatting informally to students. Our 'A Levels and Beyond' evenings cover subject specific careers, university study and apprenticeships.

Career Mentoring
In some cases a one-to-one relationship is beneficial to students who are seeking to progress in a particular field of work. There are recent positive examples of this in public relations and law. On an individual basis we would like to be able to put students in touch with Old Cranbrookians who would be willing to give advice and guidance in their particular field, and make suggestions as to the best way to advance in a career in their field.

Enrichment Programme

Cranbrook offers a diverse range of master classes, guest speakers and presentations as part of our 'enrichment' programme. We are always keen to hear from OCs, male and female, from the worlds of business, academia, sport, media, science and the arts who could offer inspirational talks to our students.

How to get involved
If you feel you would like to get involved, on any level, we would be grateful to hear from you. In the first instance, you should update your profile details online. This will:
- flag up your interest in this vital area of the Development Office's work and help us see where we can use your expertise and advice.
- help current and Old Cranbrookians find suitable work placement matches, internships and new jobs.

Secondly, please make contact with our Careers Officer, Mrs Christine Newman. who would love to hear from you if you can help in any way.