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2013 Leavers - A Level Celebration

Cranbrook School's 2013 Year 13 Leavers achieved the highest A-Level results the School has ever had and deserve high praise for the way they worked in their final year.

It was therefore fitting that we planned a new event in the OC calendar to celebrate their achievements, present them with their certificates and welcome them back to the School as Old Cranbrookians!

On Monday 16th December on a wet blustery evening over 100 guests filled the Performing Arts Centre for a relaxed evening of valedictories, reminiscing and pre-Christmas cheer. Mr Robbie Ferguson gave lively and engaging talks about all the tutor groups and individuals. They were presented with their certificates and a keepsake from the OCA:  cufflinks for the boys and charms for the girls.

The Development Office explained how they are is in regular contact with former pupils – now over 6,000 are on the database. Apart from an Annual Dinner, a variety of events, hosted at the School, including days of Sport, Open Days and specific House and Year Group reunions – all of which are designed to encourage ex-students to maintain or revive old friendships, the network of OCs can also be very useful for careers advice, networking and perhaps a step on the ladder. They were encouraged to keep in touch and the School will help them where they can.

Guest of honour was Mr Jeremy Barham (Crowden 1960). After Cambridge, representing GB in hockey at the 1968 Olympics, and a career in industry has retained very close links with the School. He is a Trustee for the School and President of Lynxes Cricket Club. He gave a very moving speech about how much he gained from the School and friendships forged that have helped him throughout his life.

We have received lots of positive feedback from this event and judging by the banter and mulled wine and beer consumed, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

 "As past students, I hope you will see it as a privilege to have been at this School. Please keep in contact through the OCA and don’t forget Cranbrook School – it will have helped make you who you are and you will owe it much.”
Jeremy Barham, Old Cranbrookian

"Thank you to you and your team for organising a splendid evening last night.  It was so good to see all the students get together again, especially as some of them hadn’t seen each other since June.   I believe the students are very lucky to be part of such a close knit community.”                                                       

“As I said, great evening. Excellent idea Mr Weeds and certainly something to be repeated! From what I gathered they all then decamped to the pub and what could be more Cranbrook than that!”